The 4-seat amphibious L-65 uses two Rotax915is engines with a power of 141hp each. This allowed to increase the payload to 1550lb.
The aircraft received a new fuselage with a hull of increased volume, with excellent seaworthiness characteristics, a large, spacious cabin, very comfortable in long flights, even for high pilots. L-65 has a cruising speed of 120kt and a range of more than 1200 nm. Two Rotax915is turbo charged engines with variable pitch propellers use automotive gasoline as well as Avgas 100LL and allow to fly over 12000 ft altitude.
Twin engine design ensures safety in case of engine failure. This plane can climb (about 300 ft/min) and make a go-around with one engine inoperative without any extra effort on the controls.
The SeaBear L-65 has outstanding take-off and climb performance. It can land on the fields, rivers, beaches, snow fields with short take-off and landing distance.
All the airframe, especially the landing gear and the big hull, is strong and designed to operate in severe conditions. The SeaBear is easy to handle both in flight and on water due to the twin-engine design and low landing speed. Very low noise, excellent cabin interior, pleasant handling and excellent behavior in turbulence makes the flight as comfortable as a trip in a Mercedes. This is a modern, stylish and practical aircraft for travelers and lovers of recreation on the water.


This practical amphibious aircraft has an appeal to fishers, hunters, divers, travellers and water based recreation lovers. This plane is also intended for instructional and training flights, aero tourism, patrolling, aerial photography and other purposes.

Today, the dream of flight on water is more accessible and more affordable than ever before. The SeaBear will be your best friend in the world of adventure.