Aircraft dimensions

For more than 14 years of its development, the SeaBear has proven to have a highly reliable and safe construction in various situations during several thousand flying hours, which makes it the most popular type. At present, there are over 30 aircraft flying.

This new aircraft combines classical flying boat designs with the latest aerodynamic and hydrodynamic technologies. The SeaBear design utilizes a fully cantilevered high aspect ratio wing, and when combined with modern airfoil selection and composite construction results in low drag and low stall speed. The Rotax aircraft engines make the SeaBear operation at any season as easy as a car with high level of autonomy. The SeaBear is made from composite materials to eliminate the corrosion and maintenance problems on water and ensure easy repair and a perfect exterior.

The SeaBear is an aircraft designed by engineers graduated from SSAU (Samara State Aerospace University) with more than 20 years of professional experience. The SeaBear project was based on extensive research done in collaboration with TsAGI (Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute), VIAM (Aviation Materials Institute) and SIbNIA (Siberian Aviation Research Institute), which ensured its outstanding quality. This aircraft is another remarkable achievement of Russian school of engineering.





Gross weight 3,218 lbs (1460kg)

Empty weight 1,830 lbs (830kg)

Useful load 1390 lbs (630kg)

Load factor +4-2


4 seats, dual control

Cabin width 50 in (1,26m)

Cabin height 55 in (1,39m)

Landing gear

Taildragger, retractable

Differential brakes on main wheels


Length 29 ft (8,9m)

Wing span 46 ft (14m)

Wing area 204 sq ft (19 sq m)

Height 8,5 ft (2,5m)


Rotax-914 ULF, 2 engines 115HP each

Airmaster 3-blade variable pitch propellers

(mt-propeller MTV-34-1-A)


Auto Fuel 95 or AVGAS 100LL
Fuel consumption 10,5 gph (40l/h)
Fuel capacity 132 US gallons (500l)


Cruise speed 118 kt (economical cruise) (220km/h)

Max speed 130 kt (fast cruise) (240km/h)

Take-off speed 43kt (80 km/h)

Stall speed 40 kt (full flaps) (75km/h)


Range 1350 nm (2500 км)

Service ceiling up 13 000 ft (4000m)

Glide ratio 12

Endurance 12,5 hours

Take-off & Landing

Take-off distance at max gross weight 800 feet (ground/water) (250m)

Landing distance (land/water) 500 ft (150m)

Max Climb rate 1000 ft/min (5m/c)

ROTAX ® 914 UL DCDI Turbo Charged engine