At the beginning of the new year, our company was visited by representatives of Rotax- Marc Becker — Manager Aircraft Buisness, Thomas Grabner — TechRep. After Sales Service and Siegfried Heer — Mechanical Engineering. They were accompanied by the Director of the company «Aviagamma» — Rotax dealer in Russia Vladimir Andriychuk and chief engineer Dmitry Petrov. Rotax engineers has a first time in Russia. They were pleasantly surprised by the high engineering level of russian aircraft. They were able to test in flight L-45 and had a real pleasure. After that, they gave a lecture on the features of the operation of the Rotax-915 engine with the help of V. Andriychuk and D. Petrov in translation and explanation and answered all technical questions. They were also able to visit our new plant and see the birth of a new aircraft for a circumnavigations flight with Rotax-915 engines. It was a very positive and productive meeting.