Flight tests of the L-72

Flight tests of the amphibious aircraft L-72 were made by honored test pilot of Russia Yuri Kabanov. In the video you can see the check of the flight characteristics of the aircraft when flying with a critical engine stopped.


Video 1. Speed in a level flight is 170 km/h. Climb 2 m/s at a speed of 150 km/h.



Video 2. Engines are completely stopped. Propellers are in the feathered position.

Flaps in position 0 deg.  Flight speed is 140 km/h, the rate of decline is 1.5 m/s.

Flaps in take-off position 20 deg. Flight speed is 120 km/h, descent speed 2 m/s.



Video 3. Check of the stall characteristics of the L-72.

Stall with throttle, flaps in position 0 deg, stall speed 116 km/h

Failure at full power mode, flaps in position 0 deg, stall speed 105 km / h


Video 4. The L-72 mooring with use of propeller reverse.