SeaBear meets Michael Smith — part 3.

A tour of the factory aircraft company «Chayka» ( the Seagull) for Michael Smith held the owner and Director of the company Dmitry Grekhov. A visitor from Australia very appreciated the design of the aircraft. Famous traveler likes strong strenght elements, often located ribs and durable assembly joints. Aircraft design is well thought out and tested over several thousand hours of flight operation in the harsh conditions of the North. On this plane are not afraid to fly even around the world. Michael Smith was interested as well and the development of new, more powerful and fast plane. He was interested in the possibility of using a diesel engine. It is very practical for refuelling at airports. Engines with the desired characteristics of power, weight and reliability on the market yet. Some new models have good features, but still under development. As a result, had to admit that the best option is a favorite and reliable Rotax.