Thomas and SeaBear 2

On the second day of the visit the weather was beautiful and Thomas was able to meet with the Shark in Volga and learn the lesson of hydroaviation. Plane «Shark» fly for about 10 years, but in very good condition. It has excellent quality finish of the cabin. All SeaBears are made individually for the customer and each aircraft is unique. It is handmade. In flight, Thomas was in awe of the beautiful Volga expanses. He was able to assess the behavior of the aircraft on the waves and smooth water and to practice takeoff and landing on water. After firm banking tail first we went to the wild coast and Thomas understood why the need for such an aircraft. In the load section happened to be a folding table, chairs and grill for a little picnic. «Das ist fantastisch!»
We freshened up in the Volga water and had a lovely evening on the Volga river, swimming, enjoying nature and talking about how to open others in Europe the road to the hydroaviation.


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